Assessing Students – Clinical Competence Versus Performance

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Author: John Ruedy ABSTRACT The recent elaboration of the range of physician competencies upon which the quality of health care is dependent has fostered the development of a variety of methods of assessing medical student competencies and performance. Such assessments are essential in providing feedback to students to guide their learning and to faculty on […]

The Changing Roles Of Pharmacists In Society

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Authors: Stephen Arthur Hudson, John Jackson Mc Anaw, Barbara Julienne Johnson. ABSTRACT A clinical role for pharmacists has developed in response to the societal need to improve the use of medicines. Clinical role development has been led by initiatives in the hospital sector which have enabled Schools of Pharmacy to make shifts in the pre-graduate […]

Quality Of Life And Disability In Alcohol And Drug Dependent Patients Undergoing Treatment At Depaul House

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Authors: George Philip, Whelan Greg, Nicolle Ait Khelifa. ABSTRACT Quality of life and disability are important indices that may help change the perception, treatment and care of those with alcohol or drug dependence problem. A cross-sectional survey was done among 25 drug and 25 alcohol dependents consecutively admitted to a community based residential withdrawal service […]

Assessment Of Basic Practical Skills In An Undergraduate Medical Curriculum

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Authors: Sambandam Elango, Ramesh C Jutti, Palayan Kandasami, Cheong Lieng Teng, Li Cher Loh, Tirathram Motilal. ABSTRACT Introduction: Health educators and accrediting bodies have defined objectives and competencies that medical students need to acquire to become a safe doctor. There is no report in Malaysia, about the ability of medical students to perform some of […]

Effect of Stress on Medical Students

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Author: Jagmohni Kaur Sidhu ABSTRACT Stress amongst medical students is often overlooked. Intelligent students are not always the most composed. This study aimed to look at both male and female students of three different ethnic groups and the effects of stress in areas such as academic, social, financial and their everyday life. The Chinese students […]