Navigating the horizon of mRNA vaccines: Tracing their evolution, ensuring safety, and unveiling therapeutic potential

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Authors: Eunice Chieu Teng Yap, Sushela Devi Somanath, Saatheeyavaane Bhuvanendran, Ammu Kutty Radhakrishnan ABSTRACT Vaccines are vital tools in public health as they play critical roles in preventing and controlling infectious diseases. Vaccine technology has advanced from virus-infected lesions to live attenuated, inactivated or killed pathogens, toxoids, and subunits that consist of only specific pathogen […]

User experience (UX) and usability in completing a MOOC on emergency medicine core content course (iEM/Lecturio): A case study

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Authors: Fatin Aqilah Binti Ishak, Jia Shen Goh, Grace Devadason, Ke Wei Hiew, Dhaniya A/P Subramaniam, Yan Ren Hong, Sivalingam Nalliah ABSTRACT This study evaluates a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on Emergency Medicine designed by iEM Education Project and Lecturio, using a validated checklist to assess its usability and user experience. The MOOC received […]